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It’s no secret that moving to a new town, city, or country can be an assault on the senses. New sights, sounds, and scents can be quite disorienting, and let’s not forget the massive adjustment you’ll have to make culturally. We’re not just talking about having to learn a new language either – often, the differences in the way we function can put a real damper on being able to adjust to a new place. 

These differences in culture have resulted in guides and cheat sheets being published in order to help outsiders adjust to the many quirks of the city. There’s a guide to the “Unwritten Rules of British Culture”, and even a funny list of “Unwritten Rules All New Yorkers Know To Be True”. 
Just like every other major city in the world, Los Angeles functions around a very distinct set of unwritten and unspoken rules, and the failure to adhere to these rules could mean not just disorientation on your end, but also potentially earn you the ire of locals. Here are some of the most notable unwritten and unspoken rules you should keep in mind when traveling to LA: 
1. If you want to stand on the escalator, stay on the right side; if you want to walk on the escalator, walk on the left. Because Los Angeles is a city that functions around public transportation and trains, it’s of ample importance that you don’t inconvenience others or stand in their way. 
2. Do not make unnecessary conversation while on public transportation, but if you do make small talk, always be open-minded, encouraging, and kind. People in L.A. are extremely busy and are wont to rush about their business, so if you do find someone willing to make some conversation, be as nice as possible. 
3. Exchange contact information whenever possible. In a city of stars and artists, your connections mean everything! Building a network ensures that you can make it out in the city. 
Research is always essential when moving to a new place, and tourists would be wise to look up all the differences in culture they might encounter before visiting any new country. More than this though, it’s of even more important to take note of any potential differences in legislature that there might be in your destination. Keep in mind that each state in the U.S. is its own separate sovereign, and each has its own state laws. Unlike with the unspoken and unwritten rules stated above, breaking any of the written laws comes with dire consequences – even for tourists. 
If being in a foreign land wasn’t bad enough, being arrested can be a severely traumatizing experience. As Fair Trials International, a company specializing in giving legal advice to people arrested abroad, has said, “For someone… arrested thousands of miles from home, the obstacles to a fair trial are enormous: you do not speak the local language, are ignorant of your rights and have no local contacts to support you.”  
Laws in California are pretty straightforward, but there are still some laws that you might unwittingly break. Here are some of the most quirky laws that are currently in place in Los Angeles: 
1. It is illegal to bathe two babies in the same tub at the same time. 
2. In response to people licking poisonous toads to feel something hallucinogenic, Los Angeles has passed a law that makes it illegal to lick toads. 
3. It is illegal to hunt moths under a street light. 

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